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Black Woman Attacked and Arrested After Defending Property Remains In Jeopardy 11 Months Later as Authorities Fight to Take Her Gun, Freedom

04/09/2021 By Matt Bruce | April 9, 2021 For the past 11 months, a cloud of uncertainty has loomed above Brittany Chrishawn Williams’ head. The 30-year-old Black film producer was arrested inside her Jacksonville, Florida, home last May. Officers showed up after she called 911 to report a deputy who parked his squad car in her driveway and refused to […]

Black Police Brutality Survivor Creates Production Company to Give a Voice to Women Victims of Male Violence

03/25/2021 Brittany Chrishawn has created LMLM to empower women who’ve survived male brutality by producing documentaries about their stories. Nationwide — Brittany Chrishawn (Williams), the award-winning police brutality filmmaker who was brutalized herself by police, has created a network to help protect and empower women. The network is called LMLM which stands for ‘Love Me or Leave […]