Empowering women survivors of police brutality

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Women survivors of police brutality who’ve joined our network gather resources from their experiences that they’ve found helpful along their survival journeys. Use these resources for your benefit and contribute to the collection at any time!

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If you are a woman survivor of police brutality, you are not alone! We’re here to help you by sharing resources and tactics that work!


We empower women survivors and advocates through documentary film. Join us, and submit your survival story for a chance to be featured in our film production – “Survival Stories”.

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We are a network of women who’ve personally experienced police brutality. We are truly here for you and truly care, because we know first-hand what it’s like. Not only can we relate, we have found ways to cope, heal, and grow from it while collectively seeking the justice we deserve.

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Not sure what to do, or where you are in the process of coping and seeking justice? Check out our resources. We believe these will help you get started.